Tango in Buenos Aires and beyond!

Explore Buenos Aires and live the passion of Tango while you enjoy the marvels that make it
the most cosmopolitan city of South America

The Tango, the city and the beach

BA & Beach Tango Immersion

Hosted by María Olivera (Arg) and Paz Pozarycki (USA), this group immersion focuses on an intensive programme that includes workshops with María Olivera and guest instructors showing all the nuances and styles of the social dance, fine dinning in BA and Colonia, shopping tours, daily dancing in BA's most famous milongas, guided tours to historic attractions in both cities, a phenomenal sunset beach party and tango talks with Maestros from the Golden Age.

November 12 - 22, 2020.

Registration is open

Early bird price available until June 1st



Immersion Tour

Discover The World's Tango Capital with María Olivera's Private Immersion Tour.

This tailored experience for individuals or small groups is a unique opportunity to explore the culture and history of Argentine Tango from a true Porteña.

Maria's knowledge and experience in all facets of the dance and music, offers an opportunity to learn the complexities of technique within a broader context.

Her Private Immersion Tour is both a personal and passionate journey through the history and evolution of Tango.

Transform your dance, deepen your knowledge, take your journey now!

A getaway to the sun

Sunset by the river
Tango experience

Are you visiting Buenos Aires?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your dance while you enjoy world class restaurants, a guided tour to UNESCO's heritage town "Colonia del Sacramento" and an unforgettable afternoon watching the most mesmerizing sunset of South America.

Space limited. Min 2, max 4 couples.
Intermediate / Advanced dancers only.

Upcoming experiences:
February 21 - 22/2020
March 13 - 14/2020