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Spread the joy
of Tango dance!

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Drills, tips & tricks to shape up your tango

Improving your technique allows you to dance with confidence and ease. It also helps protect your body

to move with comfort and fluidity for many hours. 

Download each individual episode to your device and start practicing in the comfort of your living room.

You're just a few clicks away from becoming the dancer you want to be!


Posture & frame

3 episodes

A set of drills to improve your posture and position your bodies in a comfortable and relaxed frame that will enhance the feeling of connection with your partners.



2 episodes

Having good balance is a skill that needs practice, but the practice can be fun and enjoyable if we create the habit of exercising a few minutes every day.

These drills are the first of a larger selection of ideas that will allow you to stay in control of your stability and enjoy your dance without worries.


Weight shifting

3 episodes

A significant element of Tango dancing is related to how we shift our weight from one foot to the other as we walk.

These short exercises will help you understand the different techniques you can use to do it comfortably without hurting our feet or disturbing your partner's movements. 



4 Episodes

Improving the flexibility of the hips will help you move with freedom and elegance as you walk, pivot and transport your axis through the line of dance.

Practice these drills with music, to also connect your moves to the rhythm!



4 episodes

Strengthening our feet, legs and core is the key to a consistent and confident dance.

These drills are designed to give you tools to build muscle without the need to sign up for sophisticated work out programms.

media tapa.jpg

Técnica para bailarinas

DVD Instructivo - 2012

A wide selection of individual exercises methodically broken down to practice and improve fundamental aspects of the follower's technique such as feet strengthening, posture, balance, the walk, the pivots and decorations.

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