María's teaching philosophy

María understands the tango as a way to express emotion, develop creativity and improve general wellbeing. 

She divides her classes in increments of individual and couple's exercises to develop technical concepts such as balance, disassociation and coordination. This fosters a more nuanced sense of movement and rhythm that can later be integrated into the experience of the embrace. This happens while studying classic tango moves as well as innovative sequences that adapt perfectly to the reality of the dance floor.

Her classes focus on the fundamental social dancing elements of embrace, navigation and etiquette. Therefore, her students are trained to enjoy tango as both a personal experience and a social phenomenon.

Maintaining a relaxed, friendly, happy and respectful atmosphere, those who learn from María enjoy the process as much as the immediate results of their practice in the actual line of dance.


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Pandemic season - Online classes


Online classes: Technique,

movement & musicality

Thursday, 7:30 pm (ART) - English only!

Every week we gather to practice the drills to improve our balance, walking, pivots, turns and fundamentals of the Tango Dance, along with concepts to expand our improvisational skills and our musicality.
Join these classes to keep growing your dance in the intimacy of your living room but sharing the experience with dancers from all over the world.
Let's get ready for the best Tango embrace ever!

Special Online Workshops
Sequences for Waltz & Milonga

Every other Monday, 7:00 pm (BA Time)

Special classes to expand our repertoire of movements when dancing Waltz & Milonga, to clearly show the difference of each dance. 
Add creativity, multiply the options, have more fun, express yourself!

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
No partner needed!

Language: English
Price: U$S 10.

Group IN person classes in Buenos aires




Centro Cultural PKR

Av. Santa Fe 2520 1er piso

Technique & Movement
(w/ masks and social distance.)

Tuesday 8:00 to 9:30 pm

While we're all waiting to be able to embrace each other in the dance floor, we're blessed to be able to return to technique classes IN PRESENCE!

Starting Nov. 3, every Tuesday, we will work on our fundamentals, such as balance, core & feet strength, pivots, turns and musicality to get ready for the best tango of our lives! 

No couples needed, all levels, both roles!

Space is limited to 8 students. 

E-mail to reserve your slot!

Online private classes


Private classes

Online Private classes

Tune up your Tango while you Stay at Home!

Improve your technique, musicality and repertoire with extremely effective drills and creative ideas to practice by yourself.
Get instant feedback to work on your weaknesses and record a video of the session to keep practicing offline.
Master your dance in the coziness of your leaving room!

Both roles - all levels - individual or couples.