María's teaching philosophy

María understands the tango as a way to express emotion, develop creativity and improve general wellbeing. 

She divides her classes in increments of individual and couple's exercises to develop technical concepts such as balance, disassociation and coordination. This fosters a more nuanced sense of movement and rhythm that can later be integrated into the experience of the embrace. This happens while studying classic tango moves as well as innovative sequences that adapt perfectly to the reality of the dance floor.

Her classes focus on the fundamental social dancing elements of embrace, navigation and etiquette. Therefore, her students are trained to enjoy tango as both a personal experience and a social phenomenon.

Maintaining a relaxed, friendly, happy and respectful atmosphere, those who learn from María enjoy the process as much as the immediate results of their practice in the actual line of dance.


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Starting November 2021, you can enjoy all the activities at María Olivera's Tango School.
Mon to Fri 11am to 4 pm.
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