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Sunset by the riverTango Experience
A getaway to the sun!

Are you visiting Buenos Aires?

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to improve your dance while you enjoy world class restaurants, a guided tour to UNESCO's heritage town "Colonia del Sacramento" and an unforgettable afternoon watching the most mesmerizing sunset of South America.


2 days of tango by the river

Designed for small groups (min 2 - max 4 couples) of intermediate or advanced intermediate dancers, this experience includes:

- Ferry tickets Buenos Aires - Colonia del Sacramento.

- 1 night accommodation with breakfast in Colonia del Sacramento.

- 1 Vip dinner at Casa Veira (in historic town).
- 1 VIP lunch at "Mansión Las Liebres"(in Real de San Carlos)

- City tour and sunset watching at beach.

- 7 hs. intensive workshops with María Olivera.

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